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We manage many clients including McCarthy and Stone, The National Flood Forum, ATS and many others.

They say the biggest benefits to them are a saving of real time and money. The hidden costs of looking after your trailer and setting up events can be quite revealing.

How much time does your staff spend planning and organising your events, what else could/should they be doing? Talk to us. The maths is simple.

Our Teams & Services

  • We have a 3 acre site with storage facilities for trailers
  • A 15000sq ft secure facility with defined client areas for holding marketing collateral
  • Storage for graphics
  • Furniture/fixtures and fittings for hire
  • Online event management system for planning in events, times and dates
  • Our team will deliver, set up and present your trailer ready for action
  • We can manage your event from start to finish or simply act as a storage and delivery facility
  • We have a dedicated account management team to plan every detail and liaise with you to make sure every detail is taken care of. Talk to us, let us help you.

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