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What is the definition? It is a regulatory process by which the public's input on matters affecting them is sought. Its main goals are in improving the efficiency, transparency and public involvement in large-scale projects or laws and policies. It usually involves notification (to publicise the matter to be consulted on), consultation (a two-way flow of information and opinion exchange) as well as participation (involving interest groups in the drafting of policy or legislation).

Mobex Exhibitions provide exhibition trailers to deliver consultation programmes for a range of developers including utilities, NHS,renewable energy companies, property developers, home builders, local authorities and government bodies

Engagement Roadshows

Our approach combines innovative engagement practices offering face to face opportunities for all sides of the debate to get involved, as well as flexibility to respond and evolve as necessary to meet the needs of the consultation, including video record/feedback, hand held data capture (iPad), internet record/feedback.

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