Mobex Exhibitions has one of the largest fleets of exhibition and roadshow trailers in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a one stop solution to your exhibition and roadshow needs.

Standing firmly behind the mantra of “everything in one place” we work closely with our clients to ensure success.

Whether you are looking to rent a trailer for a one off roadshow event or want to meet your long-term marketing goals, we are the ones in the know.

Small Trailers

Our smallest Mobex Exhibitions trailers range from 3.6m to 5.0m in length (excluding tow bars). Perfect for anyone that has limited stand space. They are a compact yet adaptable solution. This range of trailers provide plenty of display space and the newly designed fleet are perfect as an entry level investment or rental.

These highly customisable units accommodate seating, a small kitchenette and a hospitality area. Optional full wing display boards, sliding windowed doors and flagpoles are all available. 

HU501 Shell Aviation small exhibition trailer Mobex Small Exhibition Trailer Large Kitchen with LPG gas

Medium Trailers

Ranging from 5.5meteres to 7 m in length (excluding tow bars). Spacious trailers are perfect for taking your exhibition or roadshow to the next level. Optional frontage includes glazed, open, sliding or concertina doors and the interior offers a light and airy space.  

Whether you are conducting business or holding consolation this is an impactful option for an expanding business. Optional double hinged wing display panels make these trailers ideal for attracting attention.  

Mobex medium exhibition trailer Mobex medium exhibition trailer Peterborough Regeneration1

Large Trailers

Extremely high impact and spacious. Offering 10, 20 or 30sq foot of consolation/retail space.

Able to be erected within 2 hours these luxury units are highly adaptable with large versatile seating kitchen and storage areas.

Built to the highest of standards there is no doubt that a unit of this quality and size will attract attention.

HU902 large Mobex Exhibition Trailer Large Mobex Exhibition Roadshow Trailer interior HU901 Mobex large exhibition roadshow railer

For rentals, bespoke purchases or if you just want to enquire about our many other services. Get in touch on 01453 511210 and see how Mobex Exhibitions can manage you through the process 

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